There are many different pieces of exercise equipment on the market. You can find different type of workout machines to train your whole body. Here is one of few unique home gyms that is very effective at helping you improve your size and strength.

Brand: Bowflex

Product: Xtreme home gym

Resistance also comes in different forms. Here we will cover one of these pieces of resistance training equipment and compare it to other resistance training equipment. This will help you determine if it meets your needs concerning the ability to meet your goals in strength training.

Every product or piece of equipment you purchase has its positives and negatives to it concerning the sturcture, durability, as well as functionaility and ability to perform as it is supposed to. Here are some  of the both positive and negative aspects of this piece of resistance training equipment.


  • You are able to do up to 65 different exercises
  • Includes squats and millitary press
  • Eliminates space needed for free weights
  • Made of heavy duty steel to last
  • Adjusts to ones’ height


  • May be challenging to assemble
  • Actual amount of resistance being used may not be accurate
  • Takes time between sets to change resistance levels
  • Not good for circuit training
  • Not able to fold up for storage so it requires adequate space

Although just like anything else, this piece of resistance training equipment has some negative aspects to it, to me the positives out weigh the negative aspects. If you want to get a great workout while at home without going to the gym and are in the beginner to intermediate stage of workouts, this is a good piece of equipment to have. If you are already developed in your level of strength though, I suggest you purchase materials needed to make a good home gym instead of using a single piece of equipment.

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