Finding a top rated home gym

There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market for different types of workouts. When it comes to finding a top rated home gym, this can be a challenge. A multi purpose gym such as the one we will describe is better either for someone who is just starting out and unable to go to the gym, or anyone that wants to maintain their level of strength.

Brand: Bowflex

Product: Blaze home gym


  • Can be used by anyone regardless of experience level
  • Allow you to do up to sixty different exercises including rowing, leg press, and squats
  • A exercise manuel is included
  • You can create multiple workouts with the number of exercises possible
  • Comes with a lat pulldown and squat bar
  • Easily folds up for storage
  • Puts less stress on the joints
  • Manufactures warrenty


  • Questionable on accuracy of weight being used
  • Resistance of the rods changes with changes in angle
  • Rods can degrade over time
  • Very few choices when it comes to abdominal exercises
  • Can’t do lying leg curls so must do them standing
  • Comes in different boxes and could be damaged during shipment

There are many positive and negative aspects to this exercise machine, but because of its uniqueness and the number of exercises that can be performed, it is a great piece of equipment for any beginner or intermediate level trainer. Also, because there are other models of the same brand that cost more, but there are only minor differences and you are able to do almost all of the same exercises, I would choose this over any of the other models available.

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