There are many different types of stationary bikes on the market today. These range anywhere from a recumbent bike to a regular size bike. Here we have a list of some general options of what is offered in the way of exercise bikes.
These are only a few of the numerous options that you have when it comes to exercise bikes.

We hope that this will assist you in choosing a bike that will fit your needs. Here is a list of just some of these bikes, placed from least to most expensive which should assist you concerning your financial situation.  Above each picture there is a link to a post concerning a review of the product. 

Very Affordable

Vive Desk Cycle       Marcy 708                 Xspec Bike           Exerputic               Sunny Rower/bike


Ancheer                     Sunny Bike             Pyhigh Bike         Sunny Recumbant    L Now Indoor

Higher Priced

Schwinn                     Efitment                  L Now Indoor

Diamondback Fit