There are numerous brands of stationary bikes on the market. There are only a few that most individuals really know about though. These include ones such as: Bowflex, Peloton, as well as Nordic Track.

Have you ever considered though that the main reason you see ads for these product may be because of their prices and affordability when compared to other brands ? The main reason for the difference in the prices is probably due to the brand, as well as additional functions provided.

For anyone that wants a stationary bike that is “up to date” with technology, these bikes may be more suited for you, but there are other very basic stationary bikes on the market as well. Some of the following listed were rated best by amazon which says a lot. Here are just some of the brands available.

BrandPriceAdditional features
Bowflex$1,000 (lowest)Yes
Nordic Track$800 (lowest)Yes
Max Fitness$1,400Yes
Yosuda$ 255No
Sunny$ 400No