Best Type of gymnastic rings

When looking into training with gymnastic rings, there are different questions you want to ask before deciding on what type to buy. Here we cover differences between using free weights and rings.

Training with gymnastic rings uses body weight for resistance. This will increase both your strength in full range of motion, and your level of static or isometric strength.

General benefits include:

  • Increase in the level of strength
  • Increase in size


  • Portable
  • Work major muscle groups
  • Train stabalizer muscles more than free weights


  • Requires object to wrap around. 
  • Limited for lower body exercises

 Some things to look at when considering purchasing rings include: the type of ring, straps, and the type of buckle used.

Types of rings

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic

The type of ring used.

  • Should depend on your goals and the finances available.
  • For a starter or basic routine workouts, plastic is recommended.
  • Wood is the best type for the price if you’re doing more of a gymnastic routine, or you know you will be using them more than your average person.
  • Metal rings may be better for use by the more intermediate individual but is probably the least recommended

Wooden Rings


  • Very Durable
  • Ensures a good sturdy grip


  • May need to be sanded down initially if rough
  • More expensive
  • Cant withstand outdoor use over time
Double CircleIron BullREP FitnessTitan FitnessRogue
Strap 7.5 feet
Strap is 15 feet

15 feet in length

16 feet in length

Adjussts easyEasily adjustable using numbersAdjusts easyEasily adjustableEasily adjustable uses cam
Durability 800 lbsDurability 2,000 lbsDurability 600 lbsDurability 600 lbsDurability 600 lbs
Shouldn't be used outdoorsCan be Used oudoorsCan be used outdoorsShouldn't be used outdoorsShouldn't be used outdoors
Price: $ 65Price $ 50Price $ 22Price $ 35Price $ 72

Metal Rings


  • Almost indestructible
  • Reasonably priced


  • Very heavy
  • Can be tough on hands concerning calluses
  • Shouldn’t be used outdoors
  • Slippery when wet so chalk may be needed
  • Must be more cautious that you don’t get hit

FringeSportEvolutionize Power

12 foot strap

American Barbell

Strap is 15 feet in length

Adjusts easy using a camEasily adjustabilityAdjustability challengingAdjusts easily
Durability 600 lbsDurability of 600 lbs
Durability of 1,200 lbsDurability: 2,500 lbs
Can be used outdoorsShouldn't be used outdoorsCan be used outdoorsNot for outdoor use
Price $72Price $ 61Price $20Price: $ 69

Plastic Rings


  • Inexpensive and good for beginners
  • Very lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can be used indoors or outside


  • Can be slippery when wet
Rogue Echo

Elite gymnastic rings

Nordic Lifting


Titan Fitness

16 feet long8 feet long8 feet long
Easily adjustableNot easily adjustableAdjustability easyAdjustability easyUnadjustable
Supports up to 600 LbsSupports 550 lbsSupports up to 600 lbsSupports up to 2,000 lbsSupports up to 600lbs
Can be Used outdoorsCan be used outdoorsCan be used outdoorsCan be used outdoorsCan be used outdoors
Price: $ 55Price $ 46Price: $58Price: $29Price: $ 20


Should be made from a material that is unstretchable

Should be strong enough to withstand rubbing against a hard surface

Longer straps are better, but having a place to put the excess length of strap may be an issue


There are two types of buckles that are used. These are cams, or carabiner buckles. Which one is used depends on ones personal preference. Rings that use cams may be more affordable but using rings with a carabiner is much easier concerning adjustments.



  • More Affordable
  • Weight that can be supported
  • Durable


  • More difficult to adjust



  • Weight that can be supported
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable


  • More expensive


These are the main considerations you should look at when purchasing a set of gymnastic rings for your workouts.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to have experience as a gymnast to use gymnastic rings ?


No, you don’t need any experience with the sport or activity of gymnastics in order to use rings. Although the name has the word gymnastics in it, rings can be used by anyone as part of a workout.. 

2. How do gymnastic rings compare to free weights ?


Unlike the use of free weights for resistance training, the use of rings uses body weights as a form of resistance.This is more of a dead weight when compared to using free weights..

When comparing free weights to the use of rings,  although it is the same relative weight, doing push-ups with rings is much more difficult both because of the weight is more spread out, and the  stabilizer muscles are used more.

The Verdict:

Rings are a great form of resistance training to use in order to increase strength both for the beginner and experienced. The type of ring you purchase will depend on your purpose for training. If you’re looking to add different training methods to your workouts, rings are a good choice. 

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