Best brand of resistance bands

There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. Many make a great home gym whether it is for resistance training or aerobic training. There are different forms of resistance training, all of which work differently. Training with resistance bands is one of these. You may wonder what the best brand of resistance bands is.

Resistance bands are great for use by anyone from a beginner, to the athlete. Here we look at the differences in training with free weights when compared with resistance bands, while providing a general description of different brands available, helping you make a more informed decision on what will work best for you.

You may question the difference between the use of resistance bands in comparison to using free weights or machines. Here are just a few of these differences concerning how it works and its effectiveness in training.

Angle of resistance

When you’re using resistance bands, a door frame is used to attach them to. This gives you numerous positions to place the bands for a specific exercise, allowing the use of different muscles being used compared to one motion when using free weights.

Range of motion

When you’re using resistance bands for training, many exercises begin in different positions when compared to free weights, making it more challenging.

One example of this is doing the shoulder press. When you’re using dumbbells it is fairly easy to put them in the starting position. In comparison, when you’re using resistance bands, you’re required to press the bands up from below the shoulder prior to doing a set just to get to the starting position. Because of this, you may not be able to use as much resistance with bands as you do with free weights.

Amount of tension

Time under tension is a factor involved in resistance training. The longer the muscle is under tension, the greater the resistance. Unlike free weights where the amount of resistance changes as the angle of the joint does due to gravity, resistance bands have the same amount of tension throughout the range of motion.

Exercises that can be performed

Because of the factor of tension being the same throughout the range of motion, you probably won’t be able to use as much weight on some exercises when compared to free weights. An example of this is squats. When you’re using a barbell, the weight rests on the back of the shoulders, with resistance through the full range of motion. In comparison, when using resistance bands the resistance is only there either when you use a wide stance, or have pressed the bands above the head. This reduces the amount of resistance that can be used with resistance bands when compared to the use of free weights.

Kbands Training


Is portable and can be taken anywhere

Effective for any strength level

Unique exercises can be performed

Can use for a total body workout


Can break depending on quality of material used

May be more difficult to do certain exercises

May not be able to get the exact amount of resistance depending on the bands provided.

Each brand of resistance bands is made differently and has a different level of performance. There are several factors that determine the effectiveness of resistance bands. These are some things that should be considered when purchasing a set of resistance bands including: Type of material used, structure, durability, price, and guarantee.


Black Mountain

Tribe fitness

Fitness insanityFitness gear
156 lbs205 lbs160 lbs150 lbs150 lbs150 lbs
14 pieces
Includes carrying bag
17 pieces
Includes carrying bag
19 pieces
Includes carrying bag
11 pieces
Includes carrying bag
12 pieces
Includes carrying bag
9 pieces
Includes carrying bag
Inner cord anti snap patent technologyDouble layered latex to protect against snappingHigh quality of rubber used100 % natural laytex anti snap and dry rot qualityQuality Latex usedExtra safety cord and thickness
Lifetime WarrentyLifetime WarrentyLifetime WarrentyLifetime WarrentyLifetime WarrentyNo Warrenty
$ 67$ 64$ 23$ 70

The Verdict

Resistance bands are portable and allow you to do exercises anywhere, allows for multiple exercise, some which can’t be performed with tree weights, provides effective resistance, can be used by anyone regardless of fitness level, are portable, and are safe to use.  If you’re at home or on the go and need a good quick workout, resistance bands are a great choice.


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