Here is a list of the very basic exercise equipment that you would need when starting out a home gym. These are some of the least expensive items. Below the list are links to some specific types of equipment. 

Pulling Harness $100

Flooring: Price depends on size and thickness of the mat. It is suggested that a 3/8 or 1/2 inch mat be used if using heavy weights.

Sandbag $55

Rope $220

Rings $72

Lifting Platform $200

Keg $100-$200

Farmers Walk Handles $ 82

Sled $95

Stone Molds $245


Dumbbells $294-$956

Barbells $185-$495

Bumper Plates $529-$982

Bench $180

Squat Racks $120-$850

Bikes: $60-$800

Total $2,537-$5,532


The items and prices listed are some of the less expensive products. Here is a list of the numerous items to choose from including price and other factors as well. 

 Training Equipment 
Bumper PlatesPlatformsSandbags
Squat RacksStone MoldsRings

Some of these prices like the keg as well as the lifting platform are estimates. Also, you have the choice between either a weightlifting cage, or a rack so this has the less expensive rack. The total does not include tax, flooring, or shipping and handling

This is a very basic list of the general pieces of equipment that you need when starting your own home gym.