Here is a list of the very basic exercise equipment that you would need when starting out a home gym. These are some of the least expensive items that I have found.

Pulling Harness $100

Flooring: Price depends on size and thickness of the mat. It is suggested that a 3/8 or 1/2 inch mat be used if using heavy weights.

Sandbag $55

Rope $220

Rings $72

Lifting Platform $200

Keg $100-$200

Farmers Walk Handles $ 82

Sled $95

Stone Molds $245

Dumbbells $294-$956

Barbells $185-$495

Bumper Plates $529-$982

Bench $180

Squat Racks $120-$850

Bikes: $60-$800

Total $2,537-$5,532

Some of these prices like the keg as well as the lifting platform are estimates. Also, you have the choice between either a weightlifting cage, or a rack so this has the less expensive rack. The total does not include tax, flooring, or shipping and handling

This is a very basic list of the general pieces of equipment that you need when starting your own home gym. I hope this has helped you in finding the best equipment to design your gym.