There are many different brands and types of barbells on the market. The type of barbell you choose is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting your home gym. 

Barbells are made for general lifting, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, or a hybrid between the two types of lifts. The type of barbell used should depend on your strength training goals.  Here are just some of these barbells

BrandPriceKnurlSpinWhipIWF/IPF Cert
Rogue B&R Bar$ 310Olympic CenterYesNoNo/No
FringeSport wonder bar$ 278Duel/no CenterFastStiffNo/No
Rogue Bella bar$ 225StandardYesGoodNo/No
FringeSport" Olympic bar$ 359Center/deep knurlFastGreatYes/No
Rogue Olympic Bar$ 540No Center/Olympic KnurlYesGreatYes/No
FringeSport" Hybrid Bar$ 323Double ring/light centerFastModerateYes/Yes
Training barAmerican Barbell $ 325No Center knurlYesExcellentYes/No
Rogue Echo 2.0$ 255Olympic/Multi KnurlYesGoodNo/No
Rogue Ohio Bar$ 285No Center/Multi knurlYesGoodNo/No
FringeSport">Lone Star Bar$ 332Center/rough knurlYesStiffNo/No
FringeSport Power Barbell$ 305Deep Center knurlModerateStiffNo/Yes