There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. This includes Olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals. Types of barbells include those for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, multipurpose, and training bars. Although weight lifting and resistance training is for adults, it isn’t too early for a younger individual to learn if they have an interest.

Most barbells are made for adults, but here is a barbell for kids made just for the purpose of learning resistance training exercises. If a younger individual focuses on proper lifting form without using a lot of weight, it may be the start to a very active and healthy lifestyle.

Brand: Fringe Sports

Product: Kids Mini Bar

The Best place to buy: Fringe Sports


The Fringe Sports kids mini barbell is a small bar weighing only five pounds with very little space for weights to be used. This will help focus more on using proper form for different exercises while training. The size of the bar is also great for a child s small hands, giving them the perfect grip around the bar. The material it’s made from is aluminum and it is forty eight inches in length. Since the mini barbell is meant strictly for training purposes, it has a slight spin to it as well.


The lifts that can be used  include very general lifts like the squat, deadlift, row, lunge, or other barbell exercises. Because of the spin it has, you can also use it to learn proper form for the Olympic lifts as well. If you are a trainer you should first get permission from a parent prior to training the child.  If you are an individual parent that has a home gym and a child interested in weight lifting, or a trainer at a public gym, this is a good starting barbell to use for the younger individual.


The Fringe Sports mini bar is not the most durable due to the materials it is made from. The aluminum that this mini bar is made from is not as resistant to corrosion as other material like stainless steel or coatings such as chrome or zinc that are seen in regular barbells. Because of this, the mini barbell should probably be kept in a dry place and not exposed too much humidity. This will decrease the chances of corrosion occurring and any maintince needed for upkeep.


When it comes to price, this training barbell is very reasonable concerning its purpose for training. Although there are other options available for training a child in resistance training, an actual barbell is still the best choice. Along with the price, there is also a two-year guarantee on the quality of the barbell. This includes any material defects or functionality issues.


If you’re looking for a barbell that can be used for training younger individuals for proper form, the fringe sports mini bar is a great tool to use. It can be used for learning the correct form of many exercises from cleans or snatches, as well as lifts like the deadlift or squat. This means it would be a great investment for anyone with a younger individual interested in resistance training. You can use this in a public gym, or at home, but unless a public gym has a specific place for this, it is better to be used at home due to lack of any injury occurring. Overall though, the fringe sport mini training barbell is a great tool for any younger individual interested in resistance training.

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