Different Stationary Bikes

There are numerous brands of  different stationary bikes on the market. There are so many that it’s hard to choose the right one. Some of them are meant for general fitness, while others are geared more towards the experienced biker. Here is an overview of one of the top selling brands of bikes.

Brand: Schwinn

Model: Recumbant bike

Gaurentee: 3 years

(Gaurentee only when purchased through the manufacturer)


The Schwinn stationary bike uses a flywheel resistance and your able to choose from twenty five different levels of resistance. The screen is also very easy to use and has Bluetooth connectivity. The adjustable three speed fan also provides a cooling aspect to your workouts, and the seat is very easy to adjust.

The Schwinn stationary bike can be used by anyone reguardless of fitness level or age. The fact that the individual is able to put their personal info into the system, and that  multiple users are able to use it without information being lost is also nice. There are also twenty nine different pre programmed workouts which is great for anyone regardless of experience level.


Schwinn is one of the top manufactures of bikes and is very durable. Its also mobile and very easy to use.  The main downside is that it can be very challenging to assemble it.


Its very affordable for the individual if your looking for a nice bike that will easily fit in your home or even an apartment. The quality of the Schwinn stationary which includes the pre programmed workouts, Bluetooth connectivity, and levels of resistance is a great price when you look at these unique features.




Schwinn is one of the top manufacturer of bikes both stationary and outdoor bikes, its very durable and can withstand extended use. Also, its great for either home or commercial use, so you may want to take a serious look at the Schwinn stationary bike.

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