Aerobic training assists you in using oxygen more effeciantly and helps increase the time you are able to work at a certain intensity.

  1. A decrease in the amount of oxygen needed to do a certain amount of work in a given time period,  or
  2. Being able to increase the amount of time in which your able to work at that intensity are both indicators of a positive change in aerobic endurance.

There are many types of aerobic training equipment including : Treadmills, steppers, elipticals, bikes, and other equipment. Below is just some high quality equipment for the previous things mentioned, and we want to help you find the best bikes, treadmills, and steppers at the best price possible. 


I would suggest that the treadmill be the first aerobic training equipment used for anyone just starting out. Using a treadmill works on total body endurance, as compared to  bikes or steppers which isolates the leg muscles and helps with local muscular endurance. Some of the most popular treadmills include: Lifespan fitness, Proform, and  Merit, 


Steppers can be a good type of equipment to use for aerobic training, but because it focuses more on isolating the legs and local muscular endurance, steppers may not be as effective as the treadmill or elipticle which helps with overall endurance.


Elipticles are like a combination of a treadmill and stepper and are very effective in aerobic training. Elipticles are similar to a treadmill because it helps in total overall endurance. I would suggest using an elipticle after you become familiar with the treadmill. The best reviewed brands include: PrecorUniversal, Nordictrak, and Exerputic.


Bikes are good to use for warm ups or cool downs, but if you want to train the full body you may want to use a elliptical or treadmill which help with overall endurance. This is because just like the stepper, a bike focuses only on specific muscle groups and local muscular endurance. The highest reviewed brands include Schwinn, Exerpeutic, Sunny health & fitness, and lifecore fitness