Multi-functional aerobic machines

There are numerous types of exercise equipment for  aerobic and resistance training. Many aerobic machines are multi-functional aerobic machines. Here we will look at one that can be use as a stepper or eliptical. This is one of a kind when you compare it to an individual elliptical machine or stepper. Here are some things about this product that make it a great piece for use at home, or in a gym.

Product: Bowflex M8 Trainer



This stepper/eliptical is good for anyone from a beginner to the advanced and highly trained individual..If you have any previous medical conditions though you should be cleared with your doctor prior to beginning any high intensity workouts.




Keeps track of heart rate and calories burned

Very compact and able to fit in almost any room

Has many more levels of resistance when compared to other models

One on one coaching is available

A holder for a tablet and phone are provided

Is blue tooth compatible and can store information for up to 4 users

Comes with a 1-year warranty




Protection plan is extra

Assembly is offered but is extra

Has a 300 lb weight limit




.There is a screen and one on one coaching provided which is great in helping motivate the individual in completing their workout  This is unique when compared to your average elliptical trainer.

This model also offers enough storage for up to 4 different individuals, and is blue tooth compatible. If you know that only one individual or between one and four people will be using this machine, other models are available at a more affordable price.


This product has a one-year manufactures warranty, along with added protection. A trial period is also allowed and if you do not like the product within this time, you can return it for a refund.


If you want a great workout that can be done in a short period, while keeping track of specifics for more than one individual the bowflex M8 trainer is a good choice. The one on one coaching that is provided is also great in motivating you to continue and complete your workout, increasing your level of fitness.  The fact that there is blue tooth compatibility with these models, you may be able to store these specifics of your workouts in this way, although this is uncertain. Overall, it you’re needing a great workout with numerous types of workouts and motivation, this elliptical is a great choice.

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  1. Very nice review Justin. Thank you for your honesty with regards to this eliptical/stepper. This definitely changed my view towards these types of machines and i’ll definitely consider buying one of these. Thank you again!!

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